How To Prepare For CISSP Exam


There is No doubt that CISSP is a BIG achievement. But every success needs lots of hard work and dedication.

CISSP exam will have 250 questions in total. These questions are multiple choice questions and/or interactive based. Questions are weighted based so there is no fixed score with every question. During exam you will not be able to identify which question has more weighted or score compare other one.

In 250 questions there are 25 questions which are for research purpose and do not contain any weighted. But again the tricky part is exam does not mention which question is for research purpose. You have to attempt every single question with similar mindset.

You will have 6 hours of time to complete this exam. Your time will start after you sign ISC2 Non-Disclosure Agreement and code of Ethics. So for every question you will have approximately 86 seconds.

There are no scheduled breaks in CISSP exam. But you can take unscheduled breaks. During unscheduled breaks your exam timer will still running so take breaks short and planned. During every single second counts.

There is minimum 5 years of experience required in two or more domains of CIB to get Certified Information systems security professional credentials. But not to worry if you don’t have such experience you can still sit in CISSP exam and attempt CISSP as Associate of ISC2. As an associate you will have 6 years of time to submit your 5 years of experience in 2 or more domains but for this you need to register CISSP as an Associate of ISC2. If you are attempting CISSP exam as an experienced Information Security professional then after passing the exam you will have 9 months of duration to submit your experience.

Might be you heard someone saying that CISSP is Mile wide and an Inch deep. That’s true. There are literally tons of concepts in this exam. You need to understand every single concept. I know it sounds scary. But believe me you CAN DO IT! It’s not that difficult. With consistency, dedication and devotion you can achieve this. This is something which is difficult but not impossible.

Okay so let’s talk about examination system and then quickly jump into the world of knowledge. CISSP exam is online based. Pearson VUE conducts this exam on the behalf of ISC2. So for registration you need to find Pearson VUE center near your location. For registration and exam payment you need to log on to Pearson VUE website. You can register your exam from Pearson VUE portal and make payment using your credit card.

Last but not the least at the day of exam you will need two types to verify your identity. You can do this by showing your passport, driver’s license, and/or your local country provided Identity card.