How To Prepare For CISSP Exam

There is No doubt that CISSP is a BIG achievement. But every success needs lots of hard work and dedication.
CISSP exam will have 250 questions in total. These questions are multiple choice questions and/or interactive based. Questions are weighted based so there is no fixed score with every question. During exam you will not be able to identify which question has more weighted or score compare other one.
In 250 questions there are 25 questions which are for research purpose and do not contain any weighted. But again the tricky part is exam

NIST framework for small business


This very assumption is true that small business owners do think that they are too small to the cyber crime risk. But according to research there is the dramatic increase in cyber-attacks against the small business. In 2015 alone small enterprises suffer 43% as compare to medium or large size organizations.
Then why we don’t get much information about these attacks? The Answer; one is Large-corporations get most of the publicity when it comes to cyber-crime and second the amount of data is much less in small organizations compare to Large-corporation. The world Economic Forum classes cyber crime